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Piano Recital

Francesco Attesti presents


Francesco Attesti will be presenting:

  • Bach’s Goldberg Variations

  • Chopin (Ballade n. 1, Scherzo n. 3, Nocturne Op. 48, etc.)

  • Rachmaninoff (Etudes Tableaux, Preludes).

Francesco Attesti, the Italian pianist of international acclaim, will be presenting these pieces at The Grange this May 2024. Among his generation of musicians, he is considered one of the finest interpreters of the Romantic and his early Twentieth Century Repertoire. Winning multiple international awards and recognition, and completing several world tours, Francesco Attesti comes to Hartford to present his perfection of phrasing and extraordinary sound of the piano. 


This event is a joint venture charity fundraiser in partnership with Rotary in Northwich and The Grange Theatre.

Piano Recital Flyer for Rotary with QR v2-1.png

Friday 31st May

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