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Northwich Heritage

Northwich and District Heritage Society was established as a registered charity in September 1985.

However, it had been in the making for some years before that, as a result of the efforts of John Chesworth, who was determined to create an organisation dedicated to the history and heritage of his home town. Encouraged by the Northwich Town Council, in late 1984, he headed a Steering Committee comprised of like-minded individuals and representatives of local organisations including the Weaver Hall Salt Museum.

The Northwich and District Heritage Society was established. John then led the way to charitable status and served for two years as its inaugural chairman.

Since those early days the Society has grown in strength. It now boasts about 300 members and meets roughly once per month between October and June in Hartford.

As a member of Northwich and District Heritage Society you enjoy free admission to the

Society’s programme of talks listed below.


Non-members are welcome on payment of £1.50 admission fee at the door (cash & card payments accepted)


To see about further events for Northwich Heritage please visit our website:

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