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Keeping you Safe

Updated:  3rd July 2022

We continue to keep you safe!   We are doing all we can for you to enjoy the events safely at The Grange Theatre. We continue to put your enjoyment and safety as a priority. The venue is doing a few extra things in addition to the requirements to help our customers, staff, visitors and contractors be as safe as possible at all times.

We review our procedures regularly and update our procedures in line with the latest guidance and continually adapt our procedures, policies and working practices. As well as reacting in perspective to any changes in circumstances locally or nationally. 

  • Face Masks:  We advise for customers to wear masks if you feel more comfortable to do so. Masks are available upon request from the venue staff should you require one. 

  • Covid Pass: Is no longer in operation at the venue. You do not need to show any Covid Pass or show a negative lateral flow test to enter the venue. However we do advise and encourage all to test negative before attending if possible to help protect those around them. If you have symptoms, or feel unwell, then please review your visit to the theatre as you would do if you were too unwell to go to work.

  • Track and Trace: Is not currently in operation across the UK. We do not collate details for this purpose.

We continue to circulate air, enhanced regular cleaning and provide hand sanitiser at the entrances. We understand that it is a different time but hope you can support the arts in the safe way by watching an event with us. Safe in all occasions!

If you still have questions, please see our 'Frequently Answered Questions' section on the website.

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