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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I purchase insurance for my booking in case I get ill or contract Covid?

A: Yes you are able to purchase insurance from ‘ Booking Protect’ at the checkout of each purchase on our box office online. For a small fee, this insures you against illness/vehicle breakdown and many other situations which wouldn’t normally be covered by the venues refund policy

Q: What I am told to self isolate by NHS Track and Trace over the time I am meant to see a show?

A: We are here to help you the best we can. Simply email and the theatre manager will do all he can to assist you with your tickets. We may require proof of such instruction to ensure it is a fair outcome for all involved.

Q: If I test positive for COVID-19 what can I do about my tickets? Should I come to the theatre to sort it out?

A: No please don’t come to the theatre if you have tested positive or feel unwell. Simply call the theatre on 01606 539040 and leave a message for the theatre team. We are here to help and will happily refund (exc booking fees/donations) you should this be the case. We do reccomend you take out insurance with ‘Booking Protect’ as this will protect you further.

Q: How do I know if the show I have booked for is going ahead?

A: We keep all our events up to date on our website and box office. We will contact you if there are any issues with the show you have booked for. Please check our box office and website often to ensure you are up to date.

Q: I agreed to exchanged tickets for a new date on a show that was postponed due to Covid-19 and now I cant attend due to other family events or circumstances but I would like a refund. Is this possible?

A: We are not able to offer refunds or exchanges on tickets that have not been effected by Covid-19. We only refund customers if the event itself is cancelled. For those who have accepted the new date, the no refund condition applies. If you have Covid-19 or are told to self isolate this may be different and the theatre manager will deal with these on a case by case basis.

Q: Do I have to have proof of Vaccination from Covid-19 to attend an event?

A: There is no current recommendation or requirement for us to do this at this time so we are not asking for any proof of this. We simply ask that you allow space for those who may not be vaccinated and follow the encouraged recommendations from the venue at this live updated link:

Q: Are you doing any social distancing on performances still? I don’t feel comfortable in a crowded venue.

A: We are not yet running at full capacity and still apply social distancing where we are able to. We are slowly phasing the capacity up to a level where the performances and tours are confident it is financially viable. There are two dedicated social distancing performances for this year’s Pantomime: Cinderella

Q: What if there is another lockdown or your performances cant happen? I need some reassurance about my money that I have booked tickets with is safe.

A: This is probably the most asked question. We use ticketsource for our box office and all the box office is held in a secure ring fenced account. It is not paid to the venue or venue hirers until after any performance. If the event is cancelled, you will be refunded in full including service fees within 72 hours of being notified. If there are any restrictions imposed, the venue will be in contact with you. The Grange Theatre or any of its hirers/users do not have access to any box office in advance to use as income. All monies are protected fully and would be fully refunded in the above cases.

Box Office:

Q: What age qualifies me for a Senior Citizen?

A: We count anyone who is retired which can be any age from 55 upwards or earlier if early retirement has been taken.

Q: I am unable to find my e-ticket that I was sent – How can I get another one?

A: Please email from the email address you booked with and we will be able to resend you your tickets after a few security checks.

Q: I cant print my ticket out for an event, what should I do?

A: You can bring your phone with you and show the front of house staff your ticket which can then be checked/scanned to confirm your arrival. We wont be able to touch your phone so please help us with this if possible.

Q: Can I get a refund please? I have other plans now and can’t make this event?

A: We, as most theatres and venues, don’t offer refunds in these circumstances. The tickets enable tours to happen and if they cannot due to customers making other choices after a commitment, this effects the tour staff livelihoods and income. We will of course help you if we can and if there are any other reasons we may be able to help you exchange your tickets if we are able to and subject to availability.

Q: I like to sit on the balcony and these tickets aren’t available for this performance – how can I book a ticket on the balcony?

A: For some shows/hires we close the balcony. This is due to sightlines/equipment being set up or another reason. You can only book the balcony if it is on sale for this performance.

Updated: 20th August 2021