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Keeping you safe

Keeping you safe

Updated: 20th August 2021

Mask Wearing:

• Whilst it is not a legal requirement, we encourage all attendees to wear them in the foyer and until seated in the theatre. This would reduce anxiety of those around you and once seated you can take it off and enjoy the performance if you so wish.


• Hand Sanitisers will still be in place around the venue to encourage cleaning of hands
• The theatre will be cleaned as per the same regime as we have done throughout Covid to keep all high touch surfaces clean
• The fresh air system will be in operation at all times when the venue is open
• The one way system in the foyer will remain in place as this makes it easier to move around the venue in general
• We will continuously review our seating capacity and any increases will be undertaken with a phased approach.


• The plastic screens remain in place at the bar/servery area at the moment.
• We are working closely with Ice Cream Creations to establish a safe working practice that protects the businesses.
• Usherettes will be introduced into the theatre to serve Ice Creams – the staff will wear visors
• Pre-ordering of refreshments will now be in addition to a counter service for those who don’t want to queue.
• Audiences are encouraged to have their refreshments outdoors whenever possible.

Track and Trace:

• Whilst there is no legal requirement to obtain contact details, it is encouraged and this would reduce the amount of pinging of audience members if there were to be a case. We will continue to collect these details via the box office as before.
• The venue QR code posters are still recommended so these will be displayed at the theatre for the time being too.

Theatre Staff:

• As the staff come into contact with high numbers of people, we want to keep them safe too. They may wear masks/visors when working in the theatre.
• The staff will continue to be LFD tested twice a week as before as a matter of course, and daily when performances are taking place.

Audience with Symptoms:

• We continue to ask that if you are feeling unwell or are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been asked to self-isolate to not attend the theatre and we will do all we can to help you with regards to your booking.

Thank you for your help with this. We are looking after our audiences by opening cautiously and carefully whilst re assuring all of you that theatre is safe to enjoy.

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