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A Technicolor Dream

Right from the beginning this gloriously kitsch production, which manages to fuse together the Book of Genesis with all the best bits from 20th century pop culture, seized the audience and never let go.

With barely a pause for breath the show propelled the characters through the ups and downs, the falls and redemptions of the narrative, via a riot of humour, colour, and a dizzying collection of time hopping musical genres and costumes.

The performances given by every single member of the cast were truly remarkable. Will Prior was terrific in the title role, giving the show its dynamic, wide-eyed, centre.  The narrators, Ruby Burling, Holly Gabathular, Amelia Shackleton and Natasha Shanley formed a beautifully harmonising biblical girl band.  Joseph’s eleven brothers were delightfully rumbustious, not to mention multi-talented. Special mentions must also go to Kirsty Nolan’s deliciously villainous Mrs Potiphar, and to Harry Sanger’s Elvis impersonating Pharaoh who seemed to be channelling the ‘King’ via Eddie Izzard – the shoes alone were not to be missed!

The musicians, led by Mr Millinchip, were equally excellent – never missing a beat as they switched tempos and musical genres – Now rock ‘n’ roll! Now reggae! Now that Edith Piaf Parisian thing! Now Deep South bluegrass!

Of course, none of the magic visible from the stalls could happen without the selfless dedication and boundless creativity of the crew behind the scenes and those who have worked so hard on the production for many months.  The logistics alone of putting on such a show causes the mind boggle.  A standing ovation for you all!